Some of the beautiful flowers blooming along the ridge

2 thoughts on “IMG_3235

  1. Rhonda Antkowiak

    I spent a large part of my childhood here in the late 70s early 80s. Buster Coleman was kind enough to sell my family a membership every year and we would spend almost every weekend here fishing. There use to be several old cabins on the main lake with tons of photos and fish mounted on the walls. Every Saturday when we drove up Buster would be sitting on his bench on the hill just above the boat house. My mom and I would go down on the pier and fish and my dad and brothers would take off in one of the john boats. Once I caught a 4 pound eel off the pier. Scared me to death. Buster came down and got him off the hook and later cooked him for dinner… Eel Soup! There use to be outhouses across the road from the lake. My mom discovered a 5 foot black snake hanging from the ceiling one day. Talk about screaming! I have so many memories of Coleman’s lake. Enjoy your home. You are in a special place!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of Colemans Lake with us! We are absolutely thrilled that people are beginning to find our blog and are willing to tell us their personal experiences. The place just has such a happy “vibe” to it that I honestly believe it must, in part, be due to the many happy experiences that have occurred and left their imprint here over the years.

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