We spent ten years looking for a piece of property on which to built a weekend home. Our criteria was this- it had to be within an hour and a half of Richmond, 15 to 20 acres with some type of water on it, whether a pond, a creek or a lake.  Oh, and of  course the price had to be just right.  It was amazingly difficult to find just the right place, but, at long last we have found it!  It has everything we had hoped for and we fell in love with it the first time we stepped foot on it.  Located on 60 acre Colemans Lake in Ford, Va, it’s just five miles from a national Civil War battle field, in an area that is rich in both Revolutionary and Civil War history.  Colemans Lake is a man made lake, having formed from a dam that was build across White Oak Creek. The creek runs parallel to the long edge of our property then turns east, where it’s joined with Bar Swamp Creek, and forms the back of our property line.


This 20 acre piece of land has everything we have wanted!  A place to fish and kayak, with plenty of room to ride dirt bikes and ATVs, to do a little target shooting, and best of all, the perfect spot to build a log cabin with a fabulous view of the lake!

This video is a 360 degree view taken from the “common area” that’s shared by the lake residents.  The first view is of the beautifully picturesque, historic dam and to it’s right, the restored mill.  As the camera pans around to the left of the dam, you will see the edge of our property with it’s resplendent moss covered, granite bluff. As the camera continues around you’ll see our newly built shed, then back to the common area with the covered picnic area and back again to the dam.

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