who says work can’t be fun?

Dave took a day off last Wednesday and we drove down to the Lake to meet up with the fellows from Backyard Buildings who would be building our new toy shed.  We drove separately as they were planning on delivering the shed at 7:00 am (!) and I had to stick around home to get Max off to school before I could head down.  Knowing that I was bummed about not being there from the begining, Dave was kind enough to text me photos of the the beautiful view I was missing of the early morning sky over the lake.  Nope wasn’t jealous at all….

They arrived with the shed kit shortly after Dave got there and wasted no time getting started.  By the time I arrived around 10 am, they had all four walls up and were getting ready to start on the roof.

While they were hard at work with the shed, Dave put a fresh coat of stain on our picnic bench (before I arrived) and then we went to work pulling up the boards from the old dock.

We broke for lunch at Sutherlands BBQ, which we’d been wanting to try for quite some time and were very happy to discover that, not only do they serve lunch and dinner, but they are open for breakfast as well AND serve from the breakfast menu all day..hooray!  Yes, it’s true, I am a huge fan of breakfast for lunch and dinner.  We look forward to trying everything on the menu in the up coming months. 🙂

Back to work after lunch, the two men were rockin and rollin on the shed while Dave and I went to the back of our property to mark the property line more clearly.  We’ve had issues finding our way out without the aid of our iPhones, so thought perhaps we should tie fluorescent pink tape along the line of trees every few feet so we don’t get lost quite as easily!

By the time we finished marking the property line, the shed was nearly completed.  It took eight hours to build…I think these guys might have done this once or twice before!

We left shortly after the shed was finished, only to return the following Sunday, having recruited my awesome friend, Doreen, to help us paint the new shed.  Doreen’s son, Jamison, just happens to be Max’s age and, as they’ve been buds since preschool days,  he was happy to come along and pal around with Max while Dave, Doreen and I went to work on the shed.

The boys found plenty to do while we painted the shed:

After a long day of work, we took a break up on Waffles Ridge before packing up and heading  for home.

We packed up all of our toys into the shed and headed home.  Yes, it was another beautiful day on the lake…

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One thought on “who says work can’t be fun?

  1. We had such a wonderful day with you yesterday. Your property is gorgeous, the weather was perfect for shed painting and the boys were happy as clams doing all the things they LOVE doing. It will be our pleasure to return any time and help with the next project. It really was a special day. Thank you so much!

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