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septic system… ✔ front porch and deck stained…✔

Slowly but surely we’re knocking things off the list.  We’re trying to get the outside buttoned up before the weather gets too stinkin’ hot so if we can get just a couple more weekend of spring weather before that happens, we’ll be happy.  We’ve been working on finishing the staining on the outside while Todd Hawkes has been working to get the septic system wrapped up so we can move forward with the inside.

Dave, Max and myself, have spent the past couple of weekends sanding, washing and staining the front porch and back deck. Unfortunately, we ran out of stain before completely finishing so will need to order a bit more before finishing with the deck and the staining of the log siding around the wall of windows in back.

Meanwhile, the septic system has been going in.  Heavy rains these past couple of weeks have slowed down the process but it should be completed this week!

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