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raccoons, mastiffs and BEARS….oh my!!!!!

Dave discovered, today, that we’ve had a new visitor at the cabin some time in the past three days….

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walls, walls and more walls….and a little fun with the fam as well!

Having finished the main walls downstairs, we moved onto the upstairs walls this past week. We now have the tongue and groove up on at least one side of each of the rooms so can now get a much better idea of what the finished cabin will feel like…and yes, we are loving it!

Feeling very pleased with our progress thus far, we took a break from building over the weekend to relax and have a little fun while my brother and his family were visiting.  They hadn’t seen the place since last Thanksgiving so we were anxious to show them how much we’d accomplished since their last visit.

After checking out the inside of the cabin, we headed outside to take advantage of the beautiful day.  Burgers, hobo pies, ATVs and a little swim in the lake…I do believe a good time was had by all.

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