sunday, march 10

Since the day was so beautiful and we had an extra hour of daylight, thanks to the time change, we decided to shoot down to the property for a couple of hours in the afternoon so that Max could test out his new dirt bike.  Up to this point he’s only been able to ride it up and down the drive way, which is really only fun the first day or so.

Max on his new dirt bike

After doing several laps in the open area, he had the bright idea that he would ride up the hill in the front of the property along the old road. We watched him reach the top of the hill, turn the bike around and pause.  He had realized at that point that he now had to go down the hill and wasn’t too sure how that was going to go.  He did finally work up the courage to slowly ride back down saying, “I didn’t think that one through!”  After that he decided to stay on flat ground!

Dave's first cast on the lake

Dave had brought his fishing rod along and threw a few casts in the lake while I climbed up the rock face to the highest point of the property to check out the beautiful view. (Henceforth known as Waffles Ridge because all things awesome must relate to our cool hound, Waffles.) Dave soon joined me.  Max had tired of riding the dirt bike at this point and joined us for a few minutes before retiring to the van to play his iPad.  He’s such the outdoorsman.

Check out the view from Waffles Ridge:

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2 thoughts on “sunday, march 10

  1. Great Job – on your first Blog/Vlog. The place looks beautiful. You will need to write about the history and explain why it is called Coleman Cabin when you are the Kings……
    Don’t forget to build me a great big guest bed room ….

  2. Our first comment, yeah!!! Thanks for your input…I will definitely be adding all that it the next few days! And of course there will always be a guest room for you. 😉

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