sprucing up the common area

We completely lucked out, weather wise, this weekend when we attended our first annual Colemans Lake clean up day. Every spring several of the property owners along the lake gather together to pick up trash along Colemans Lake Rd and to spruce up the common area in front of the dam, trimming back underbrush and picking up the dead limbs that have fallen over the past year.  The common area just happens to be right next to our property so, yeah for us, they all helped clean up the side of our property as well!  We’ve had entirely too many cold, rainy days this spring, but Saturday morning the sun was shining brightly and the temperature reached around 60 degrees so it was a perfect day to be working outside.

We ended up coming home with an extra passenger…

Although we couldn’t keep him (three dogs are about all we can presently handle at our house), we did take him to one of our local animal shelters and hope very much that he finds a new home.

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One thought on “sprucing up the common area

  1. Our surprise visitor ended up spending two months in the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter, during which time we ended up having to say goodbye to our beloved 15 1/2 year old dog, Bistro. We ended up adopting this pitiful little guy from the shelter and he is now thriving in our home, happy as a clam in mud. Max had nicknamed him “Pancake” when he first discovered him by the lake and the name has stuck. Sometimes things just have a way of working out.

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