on your mark, get set……

Monday, Sept 9

Not expecting excavation to begin till Friday, we were rather surprised when we received word from George Lewis of C & L Excavation, this past Monday that he’d already started clearing the driveway and home site!  Apparently the job he had scheduled ahead of us was delayed because the correct permits hadn’t come in, so he went ahead and started on our place that morning.  WOOHOO…it has finally begun!!!!  Dave left work a little early and as soon as Max got home from school we hopped in the 4Runner and headed down to check out the progress. We were amazed at how much he’d already accomplished in a day….

Tuesday, Sept 10

Having only roughed in the drive and cabin site, George asked us to meet him on site Tuesday, to discuss which of the larger trees he should take down as he refined the clearing and what to do with the fallen timber and debris.  We want to keep the hardwood logs to use for various woodworking projects so he agreed to clean those up and leave them along the old road in front of the cabin site.  The rest, rather than hauling offsite, we decided would just go over on the other side of the property back near the ATV trail as this would save both time and money.

Sunday, Sept 15

By the weeks end, George had finished clearing the site, removed all the debris and had brought in 8 truck loads of crush and run gravel for the driveway.  Can I just say here that we LOVE George Lewis!  He has been such a pleasure to work with, has gone above and beyond what was expected and offered his advice and expertise in areas that we were unsure of.  The entire direction of the driveway and the idea to put in a cul-du-sac turning area down toward the entrance, were all his idea, keeping the view of the cabin private from the road, while making the steep grade as gradual as possible.  We can only hope that every contractor we deal with during this building process will be as wonderful to work with as he has been.

We also had word this week from Todd Hawkes, (the local contractor who’d been referred to us by our neighbors to lay our ATV trails) that he’d finally been back down this week to finish.  He had completed half the trail back in the spring, but due to the frequent rains we had this spring and summer, he hadn’t been able to finish till now. We were totally psyched to not only be able to check out our newly cleared land, but to test out our newly completed trails as well!!!!

George will finish up early next week and the foundation is scheduled to be put in next Friday.  Yep, things are pretty exciting around here…

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7 thoughts on “on your mark, get set……

  1. Brian

    YAY!! I’m on the coleman cabin blog!! This is great, I promise to be a regular visitor now…Jill, you have way too much time on your hands 🙂

    • Brian

      Ok, I have visited the Coleman Cabin site for my second time! What a difference a month makes…there’s a friggin log home at this place now!! It’s looking good and I like the stain color, nice choice! Better get the fireplace going, the nippy weather is on it’s way 🙂 Congrats KIng Family!!

  2. Hooray, Brian, you’re now a member of the coleman cabin club! 🙂 BTW, Lynne says to tell you you’re not working hard enough if you have time to read our blog.

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