day 17…Dave discovers that the wiring hasn’t been completely covered with protective metal plates…up comes the recently placed tongue and groove of the second floor

Dave’s BFFs, Dan and Steve, along with Dan’s son Matthew, met us for lunch at our local haunt, El Caporal, then drove out with us to check out the progress of the cabin as neither one had been down since we’d started the log construction.

Dan, Steve and Matthew took off to the other side of the property to do a little target practice while Dave went up to the second floor to check things out. ¬†He soon discovers that the the tongue and groove flooring has been nailed down directly on top of the wiring that runs between the t & g and the first floor rafters without first putting down the protective metal plates. ¬†The purpose of these plates is to keep the wires from being damaged by nails when the flooring is placed. ¬†Without them, not only is there danger of one of the wires being damaged, but we also won’t pass inspection without them. ¬†Dave calls attention to this error to Mr. Lipham, who promptly has the crew remove all the flooring and put the plates down over the wires. ¬†And there’s another day lost.

While all that craziness was going on, I took my camera for a walk. ¬†It’s been a full year since we first set eyes on this place and it’s beauty still astounds me. I find myself taking pictures of the same spots over and over, but with each season the colors and the lighting changes and I just can’t resist trying to catch each different setting on film. I particularly love the bright green moss that grows along the rock ridge and between the gnarled roots of the old beech trees.

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