ready for the rough in inspection at last!

After redoing about two thirds of the wiring ourselves (okay, by ourselves I mean Dave, with a tiny weeny bit of help from me), we finally were able to get an electrician in who was willing to complete the work. The main thing still needing to be done being to wire the meter box on the outside of the house, as this was one thing Dave has not done before and he was a little uncertain about doing himself. With that finally being taken care of, along with the rest of the rewiring, we were able to have our rough in inspection.

After looking over the framing, HVAC, plumbing and wiring, the inspectors had a few minor suggestions as to what we should change but gave us the thumbs up! One of the suggestions they had was either to replace our circuit box from a 30 panel to a 40 panel box or to add mini breakers to the current panel box in order to allow for more circuits should we need them in the future.  In the end we decided it was best to go ahead and replace the entire thing and put the larger one in. So much for all my work rewiring and organizing the incoming wires a few weeks ago.

The couple of hours we thought it would take to replace the panels ended up taking the entire day, but it was time well spent and we are now ready to have power brought into the house!

Meanwhile, Todd Hawkes has been busy taking care of several other things that still need to be done.  He had the propane tank delivered and brought over a few of his man sized Tonka Toys to bury it and to clean up the front of the house, which at this point was beginning to look like a junk yard. Next on his agenda is to have the septic system installed.

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