goodbye old shed!

The old shed had remained locked until a few days prior to closing on the property so we didn’t actually get to see the inside until after the purchase.  We had high hopes of being able to use it to store all of our toys but realized, once we saw the inside, that it was badly in need of repair.  Dave decided that it would be better to replace it with a newer, sturdier and somewhat larger structure because, you know, we will need a lot of toys in order to fully enjoy our new place.  I have to admit that I was very sad at the thought of tearing it down because it seemed to me to be a part of the history of the lake.  However, I understood his point and agreed to the idea.  In addition, beside the old shed, there was another structure that no one has been able to figure out the purpose of … we went ahead and had that torn down and hauled away as well.

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