at long last our final plans have arrived!

After much back and forth with the designer at Battle Creek Log Homes, we have settled upon a final plan for our cabin and received the drawings in the mail last week!  I’d like to put out a big thank you to my most excellent and very talented cousin, Nathan Cooprider, for his input!  Nathan happens to be an awesome architect (lucky for us!) and, after looking at our preliminary plans, he very graciously offered his advice.  The changes we made to the first and second floor plans were all a result of his suggestions. (Check out his website at to view some of his own awesome designs!)

In addition to the two floors, we will have a full unfinished basement to use as a storage area.  We were recently informed that occasionally, when hurricanes blow through, the area has been known to flood high enough that our shed would be under water.  Not good!  With the addition of the unfinished basement, we’ll be able to store our ATV’s and dirt bikes on higher ground so that we don’t we lose them if such an event should occur.

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