the pouring of the concrete…

Enter Kris Cutler, the other half of C & L Excavation.  

We had met Kris, what seems like forever ago, when we first met with George Lewis and Eric Riley, and walked the property with the three of them, discussing our proposed homesite, well and septic field, and getting their ideas for the driveway and what would be involved in clearing the land and laying the foundation.  Eric was already on site when we pulled up that morning, his pick up truck parked near the shed.  We introduced ourselves to him and were making small talk when we heard the distinct sound of a motorcycle approaching. We were all three somewhat surprised when a Harley Davidson pulled into the parking area and off jumped Kris Cutler.  Not the usual means of transport for a contractor!

As George Lewis handles the excavation side of the business, and Kris the construction end, once excavation began we didn’t see him again until it was time for the concrete slab to be poured.  When we arrived Thursday morning, the process was well underway and we found Kris on site along with the concrete team from Cowling Bros Building Supplies who had driven up from Waverly, Va to pour our basement slab. They were just finishing pouring the second truckload of concrete when we pulled up. A third arrived shortly there after to finish the job.

Meanwhile, Todd Hawkes had arrived, as well as Lacey Palmore from Southside Electric Cooperative.  They were meeting to discuss how and where the electric line would be brought in.  We had initially intended to have temporary power brought in for the log crew to use during construction, but after finding out that it was no longer a minimal fee, we decided it would be cheaper just to by a generator for them to use.  Probably not a bad thing to have around when you live in the woods anyway so not a huge deal to have to spend the extra money on one.

After the slab was poured, the crew unloaded a piece of equipment that looked somewhat like a cross between a giant fan and a hovercraft, and began to run it across the mostly dry slab.

While a few of the crew continued to smooth out the slab, the others began to work on the post supports for the deck.

Once the deck supports were done, the truck pulled around to the front to pour the front porch supports.

By the time the last post support was poured, the slab had mostly dried.  We decided at the last minute that it would be fun to leave our handprints in our future basement floor and were happy to find a shaded area that was still just wet enough.


yep, another successful day at the coleman cabin

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