lincoln logs, lumber, and windows, oh my!

October 1

We arrived at the lake around 7:30am to find George already there, waiting with his 6000lb all terrain fork-lift, ready to unload the logs once the trucks arrived. The three trucks were due around 8:00am, having driven down from Tennessee, carrying all the supplies from Battle Creek Log Homes that would be needed to construct our log cabin.


Having some time to kill before their arrival, we walked down to the dock to enjoy the view of the lake for a bit.

We heard the loud sound of diesel engines in the distance and headed up the drive just as the trucks pulled into sight.

It didn’t take much to realize that there was no way the heavy trucks could make it up the driveway. So, as George had somewhat anticipated, the trucks would have to remain in the road and he would have to use the fork-lift to carry all 52 pallets of supplies from there, up the steep driveway to the top of hill, and scatter them around the building site.

Though time consuming, the unloading went smoothly till George picked up a giant pallet containing the heavy timbers for the roof, that didn’t quite fit between the trees that line the driveway.  No worries though- it seems that there is no difficulty that George can’t surmount!

Without a word, he lowered the pallet, jumped out of the fork-lift cab and onto his bulldozer. In no time, he had widened the driveway and was able to successfully bring the large pallet to the top of the hill.

The rest of the unloading went smoothly and seven hours later, they were done.

And me? I had three jobs:  taking photos, checking the pallet numbers off the list as they were unloaded, and bringing lunch back to the boys while they worked.  Two went well, the other, not so much…

Waffles faired much better. She had a big day chasing after Dave, supervising the work and swimming in the lake.  She slept soundly all the way home!

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