hurry up and wait

From the day clearing of the cabin site began, up to the delivery of the logs and other materials last week, our schedule had been pretty tight. We needed to be sure that everything was ready when the construction crew from Battle Creek Log Homes was scheduled to arrive early this week. Had anything at all not gone according to plan, we wouldn’t have been ready to start construction of the log portion of the cabin on time.  With this in mind, George, Eric, Todd and Kris all worked very diligently to keep on schedule. We were thus very relieved when Monday arrived and we were good to go…even the tropical storm ended up not being an issue as it only brought with it a weeks worth of dreary rain.  Unfortunately, however, the week has come and gone and we’re still awaiting the arrival of the construction crew. Apparently they’ve been held up at their last job site and we’ve had no word as to when they might be finished.  Boo!

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2 thoughts on “hurry up and wait

  1. Anonymous

    good luck with your cabin loved the view driver of blue truck

    • Thanks so much! We really appreciate you guys making the long drive to deliver our supplies, and going above and beyond to help George get everything unloaded!!! You were definitely an integral part in this whole process!

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