bringing in the electric

Still no new date for the arrival of our construction crew! In the meantime, however, there are other things that still need to be decided upon, such as, where exactly our power line will run.  There is an existing power line that runs parallel to Colemans Lake Rd, on the opposite site of the road from the lake, which supplies all of the neighboring houses.  Our line will be pulled from this existing line, to a pole that will be placed somewhere on our property on that side of the road, then run across Colemans Lake Rd to a second pole, and from there will run underground to the cabin.  We had our initial meeting with Lacey Palmore, of Southside Electric Cooperative, a few weeks back and had discussed tentatively where that line would run.  As a result of that discussion, we had Todd Hawkes clear the necessary 40′ wide path so it would be ready for the power line as soon as possible.  We were thus a little concerned yesterday, at our second meeting, when Lacey suggested a different path, which would require clearing a completely different section of our woods.  Thankfully, Todd was very adamant about placing the first pole exactly where we had previously discussed and Lacey agreed that she would make it work.  We are finding that, just as we are so fortunate to have George Lewis working with us on the home site prep and excavation, we are just as fortunate to have Todd Hawkes handling things for us from this point forward! AND come to find out, they used to be brother-in-laws. Have I mentioned how small Dinwiddie County is?!

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