putting on the door knobs during the ice storm…good times….

And what did we do during the ice storm last Sunday? Drove down to the lake to put door knobs and locks on our cabin doors.  Yep, freezing rain, 29 degrees inside and out,  and only a puny little heater, hooked up to the generator, that barely put out any heat. Not sure how Dave managed to work with no gloves or coat as I was bundled up in my heavy parka with snow gloves on, standing in front of the little heater, and had numb fingers and toes within the first hour. We were met with one issue after another- having to re-drill holes to match the knobs and bolts, losing the teeny, tiny screw that held the handle to the rest of the fixture for the front door, and finding that the downstairs french doors weren’t hung straight so the predrilled holes for the door handles and strike plates were so far off that they couldn’t be adjusted to fit. It was a rather frustrating day but we were at least able to successfully get the locks and knobs on the upstairs doors and the side door in the basement.

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