closing in the deck…

Though our original plan was to have stairs coming off of the back deck on either side, after giving that idea more consideration, we decided we’d feel more secure having the entire deck closed in. Given that our bedroom opens out onto the deck, and the fact that there are bears and bobcats in the area, we thought we’d feel more more comfortable sleeping there knowing that no unwanted visitors would be coming up onto the deck at night. However, as our blue prints showed an opening where the stairs were meant to be, our supply kit didn’t contain enough rails to close the deck in and the building crew had to leave the deck open on each end. Fortunately, there was enough lumber remaining after they finished up, as well as plenty of extra posts, that Dave was able to make the rails himself and we were able to close in the deck with no problem.

We were also very happy this week to receive a message from Todd Hawkes that his plumber had made it out to the cabin and began roughing in the plumbing.  Hooray, we’re that much closer to having indoor plumbing!!!

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