in which we finally build front porch stairs…no more entering by ladder, yea!

Until this past weekend, in order to enter the cabin through the front door, we’ve had to use a ladder to climb up onto the front porch. Not a big deal but a bit tiresome when you’re carrying tools and various supplies in and out of the place. Finally, after three months of doing just that, we took on the task of building front porch stairs.

Once again, when we arrived at the lake, the temperature was below freezing and the ground was covered in inch and a half ice crystals that seem to grow upwards out of the ground every night.  Much fun to step on as they create a very satisfying crunch as you walk…not so much fun once the sun melts them as the melted ice turns the entire work site into a giant pit of mud.  Dave hates mud.  It makes him grumpy. Especially when his tools fall into it.

Dave wasted no time in setting up his work station and getting to the task at hand. After digging two holes and placing cement blocks in each to support the stairs, using heavy timber and careful to stay out of the mud, he whipped us out a set of stairs.

With only a short period of daylight left, we decided to wait and finish the hand rails next week and to move on to finishing the trim around the doors in the back. While working on the trim around the master bedroom door, I looked up to discover a visitor checking out our bedroom…stairs up less than a day and we already had a guest come to check them out! It was an adorable little black and brown beagle mix, who, although very curious, was unfortunately way too skittish to let me come near it.  Note to self, bring dog treats next weekend.  🙂

And last on the list of tasks for the day, was to find a log the right size to use for making supports for the fire place mantel.


Dave uses the chainsaw to cut two piece of log to make supports for the fireplace mantel

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