after months of all work, we finally get in a little play time as well!

Although we did spend the first part of the day Sunday working, we decided to break early to get in some ATV action, and then ended the beautiful spring day with a little fishing as well.

First on the day’s agenda was to put up scaffolding on the back deck. We have discovered that the log siding on either side of the great room windows does not match up and that the builders have put in a 1-2 inch strip between two of the siding pieces on the left in order to make up the difference. In order to make it look right, we’re now going to have to strip off the log siding on that side and replace it before we finish staining the outside. Our intent was to go ahead and tackle that project but after getting the scaffolding up, decided to put it off for another day and work on a few simpler projects instead.

Our dumpster was removed last week but we still have a ton of scrap wood to get rid of so decided to go ahead and build a fire in order to burn some of it. Max and I were put in charge of cutting down wood pallets and tending to the bonfire.

After starting the fire, Dave went to work drilling into the basement wall, under the front deck and through to the inside, in order to make openings for the bathroom vents.

Bathroom vents taken care of, Dave moves inside to do some framing in the laundry room.

These two tasks crossed off the list, it’s now time for our first trail ride of the year!

About an hour of sunlight left, we decide to get in a bit of fishing before packing up.

After a full day, we packed up and headed for home…

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2 thoughts on “after months of all work, we finally get in a little play time as well!

  1. Gina

    Reminds me of an episode of Little House on the Prairie.. Except Larger Log Cabin in the Woods

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