day 8 & 9… in which Dave finally gets to do a little work

Dave and I both missed going down to watch the building progress last Thursday so got around bright and early Friday morning to head down with the plan to hang out all day.  Mom had been wanting to check out the progress as well as she hadn’t been to the lake since just after we purchased the property, so she made plans to come along with us. Building had slowed down a bit the past couple of days as José had to take a couple of the guys off to  finish another project that they had previously started. Andy had also returned to home for a few days so we were down to just half the original crew.  When we arrived, a few of the men were working on laying the back deck, while the others were around front setting the heavy timber porch frame over the front door.

If you know Dave at all. you know that he has been dying to jump in and do a little work himself.  He had been fretting for months over the fact that the deck and porch posts were going to be placed directly onto the concrete pads that had been poured and finally decided that he was going to improve upon that plan.  He drilled into each concrete block, epoxied a large metal bolt into each hole, and attached metal hangers on which to place the posts upon.

I know I’ve posted plenty of photos of the lake and dam, but I just couldn’t help taking a few more…it’s just so beautiful. I will leave you with a few more shots…

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