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easter at the cabin….

After such crazy weather this spring, we were thrilled to have sunshine and 70 degree temps for Easter Sunday, which, of course, is perfect weather for hanging out at Colemans Lake with the fam! My eldest sister’s two kids, Maharlika and Zarek, as well as my middle sis’s twin girls, Emily and Erin, had all spent Saturday night with us.  Easter morning the kids all piled into Maharlika’s car, while Dave, Mom, the three pups and I, all loaded into the van and headed down to the cabin for a full day of fun.

We started the day with an Easter egg hunt, because, even though the “kids” range from age 13 to 20, you’re never too old for that, right? I had stuffed 92 plastic eggs with candy the night before, and, once we arrived at the cabin,  hid them randomly around the outside. (We forgot to recount the eggs once the kids were done to see if they’d found them all…. yep, still finding eggs there every time we’ve been down this week.)

Next on the agenda- we head over to the picnic area on Waffles Ridge for a cookout.

After lunch, it’s time for our annual deviled egg eating contest…

As Zarek struggles to keep down his thirteenth deviled eggs, we here a splash, followed by much giggling from the girls down on the dock. Uh oh. Surely someone’s phone didn’t just go in the lake?!

After the kids hung out on the dock for awhile, and Zarek’s wave of nausea passed, we pulled out the toys….

After a full day of fun we pack up and head for home. As we drive off, I think about the summer ahead and look forward to spending lazy days watching the kids hang out together, bonfires at night, waking up in the mornings and looking out at the lake ….

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day 8 & 9… in which Dave finally gets to do a little work

Dave and I both missed going down to watch the building progress last Thursday so got around bright and early Friday morning to head down with the plan to hang out all day.  Mom had been wanting to check out the progress as well as she hadn’t been to the lake since just after we purchased the property, so she made plans to come along with us. Building had slowed down a bit the past couple of days as José had to take a couple of the guys off to  finish another project that they had previously started. Andy had also returned to home for a few days so we were down to just half the original crew.  When we arrived, a few of the men were working on laying the back deck, while the others were around front setting the heavy timber porch frame over the front door.

If you know Dave at all. you know that he has been dying to jump in and do a little work himself.  He had been fretting for months over the fact that the deck and porch posts were going to be placed directly onto the concrete pads that had been poured and finally decided that he was going to improve upon that plan.  He drilled into each concrete block, epoxied a large metal bolt into each hole, and attached metal hangers on which to place the posts upon.

I know I’ve posted plenty of photos of the lake and dam, but I just couldn’t help taking a few more…it’s just so beautiful. I will leave you with a few more shots…

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before & after

before & aftera few comparison photos….

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fun filled May days

Much has happened around here since our last blog post preventing me from keeping everyone up on what’s happening at the coleman cabin. What with my birthday, traveling to Amherst to watch Dave supervise the filming of a TKA tv commercial, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, dress rehearsal for my ballet recital, Max’s soccer games and throw in a few April/May showers on the weekends and here we are in the middle of May already and we haven’t spent nearly enough time down there.  However, we did manage a couple of trips to finish up the barn and play on our new toys!

The day after filming the commercial for the Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, we up loaded Dave’s new dirt bike into the van and headed down to Ford with hopes of finishing up the painting of the trim on the barn and getting in a little play time as well.  It was Cinco de Mayo after all and we wanted to finish up in time to head over to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, El Caporal, to join in their little fiesta.  We were joined by our good friend Steve Duval, who finally found himself with a little free time and was able to come check out our new place.

Steve pulled up about the time we were finishing up with the painting.  Dave and I were both a little bummed at the results as we completely hated the way the bright white trim looked on the barn.  After being so pleased with our color choice for the walls, and how easily that paint had gone on, we were left feeling a little frustrated not only over the white color choice, but how crappy the painting turned out.  We’ve painted many interior rooms and always have always painted the walls first and then the trim as it’s easier to cut in the trim…however, we soon discovered that when painting barns that have rough surfaces, one should paint the trim first as there is no way to neatly cut in when the rough surface of the wall keeps grabbing the bristles of the brush and causing much white paint to slip onto the red wall surface.  😦  We  realized we would have to go back with more red paint and recut the edges at a later date.  However, we were happy to see Steve and to show him around the place.

We packed up the toys and the painting supplies and headed over to El Caporal for a little celebration…

After a fantastic dinner and a few choice beverages, we headed back to RVA.

Over the course of the next week we discussed what to do about the barn trim and decided to try painting over the bright white with an antique white to see if that would look any better.  In the mean time, we kept our eyes open for a good deal on another kayak and larger ATV to complete our toy supply.  We found both and,  a fresh gallon of antique white paint in hand, we loaded up the new toys and headed back down to the lake on Mother’s Day.

After testing out our new, much larger ATV, we broke out the paint to see if we could fix the mess we’d made the week prior.

We then headed up to Waffles Ridge for a little lunch.  By the time we finished eating, the wind had died down enough that we could take  the kayaks out onto the lake.

After a couple of spins around the lake, we headed in to spend a little quiet time looking out at the lake.

The sun was beginning to fade, the shadows were long…time to pack up and head home again.

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easter weekend

Jill’s brother and family joined us this weekend for a fun filled day at Colemans Lake.

There was fishing to be done…

and other assorted outdoor activities.

The boys climbed things, because that’s what boys do…

and road dirt bikes.

We had our first picnic on the lake…

and then did a little after-dinner target practice.

Everyone chilled out as the light began to fade…

and marveled at the peaceful tranquility of the lake, as the sun started to set.

If only we had a log cabin, we could have spent the night.  Soon, very soon….

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our resident bald eagle

We took Dave’s parents to see the property the weekend after we closed and as we walked up to the lake, a bald eagle dove down, not more than 100 feet in front of us, talons out stretched as he grabbed a fish out of the water and flew off.  The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect!  Sadly, my photo journalism skills are not what they should be but I was able to snap one photo as it flew away….

Our resident Bald Eagle

Our resident Bald Eagle

We were told that there are three of them living on the lake and that if you put fish out on your dock, they will swoop down and grab them.  Can’t wait to try this, but first we have to build our dock!

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the flood

Despite the dreary weather, after we had filed the paperwork for the perc test, we decided to drive by and look at the property.  When we reached the turn off to Colemans Lake Rd, we were surprised to see that it was closed due to flooding.  Undeterred, we drove around the sign and somehow were still completely unprepared for what we saw when we approached the lake…

To truly appreciate the experience, check out the video. The sound of the rushing water was amazing!  Be warned, Dave drops the ‘f‘ bomb…bad Dave.

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