much fun at the Log and Timber Home Show

In the midst of a lull in activity at the coleman cabin, we were very happy to drive up to Chantilly, VA to check out the Log and Timber Home Show.  Once there, we were pleased to find exhibits by two of the vendors that we plan to use.  PermaChink stains, whom we plan on purchasing our stain from, not only had an exhibit set up but also a short workshop on staining technique as well.  What did we learn from them?  Mostly that we hope our budget will allow for someone else to do the staining for us!!! We were, however, able to narrow down what type of stain we will be using, as well as the color, at least for the exterior. We’re leaning towards the Cedar for the exterior and though still up in the air about the color choice for the interior, we are leaning towards the Light Natural

Also present was Don Jensen of Wood Doors by Don, who we would like to purchase our interior doors from. We had planned on taking the four hour drive to Wytheville, Virginia to check out the doors in person so were thrilled to have been saved from having to make that trip.  After talking with him in length, we were able to decide which door we will be using …you know, if we can ever get the building crew down to actually build our cabin. (New date for their arrival is Nov 11.)

There were also vendors selling handmade wooden tables and various other pieces of furniture, as well as plenty of wood carvings, antler chandeliers, animal skin chairs and benches.  We plan on making our own table out of logs from our property and I am now completely psyched about trying to do a chainsaw carving of a bear.  Max is sure I won’t be able to, silly boy. Challenge accepted…it’s on. 🙂

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