day four…continuing to stack the logs

The crew wasted no time and was back to work bright and early Sunday morning.  Things were already in full swing by the time we arrived that morning.

We’d previously made plans to meet up with Bernard’s friends, Michael and Nona while he was down visiting, not knowing that we would be building that weekend.  Thankfully, they were kind enough to alter our Sunday brunch plan and instead drive down from Richmond to check out the cabin and visit for awhile at the lake so we wouldn’t miss out on watching the build. Michael has plans to build a log cabin at some point on his family property so he was thrilled to get the chance to see the work in progress.

We really couldn’t believe the amount of progress they had made in four days and decided to show our appreciation for their hard work by cooking lunch for the whole crew.

After the crew ate their fill, it was back to work.

By the time we left, they had almost completed the stacking the logs!

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