the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Day 2 & 3

After a great start on Thursday, the progress on Friday was slowed down due to the weather.  As the forecast had called for rain all day, Dave and I opted not to go down, thinking we wouldn’t be missing anything.  However, we were were mistaken. The crew had been able to finish the sub-flooring before the rain started so once the skies opened up, they went below and built the stairwell leading from the first floor to the basement. Fortunately, there were periodic breaks in the rain and they were then able to work up top and prep for the stacking of the logs.  George Lewis returned in the morning, before the rain came, and was able to do the back fill along the foundation so the crew no longer had to use a catwalk to get to the cabin. By the time Dave arrived Saturday morning, they had already stacked three rows!


Dave arrived Saturday morning to find that they had already begun stacking the logs!

Though off to a great start, they hadn’t gotten far before discovering that some of the logs had not been notched properly. When put in place, there was a small gap between the logs that shouldn’t have been there.  The only solution was to hand cut each improperly cut notch so that the logs would lay flush. A little bit of a set back, but once the logs were notched properly it was smooth sailing the rest of the day.

A good friend of mine, Bernard Casey, had come down for a weekend visit so we were anxious to show him the place…by the time he and I arrived at noon along with Max, the place had really started to look like a log cabin!

By the time we left on the third day, we were absolutely amazed at the progress that had been made!

Wow, this is going to be a fabulous view!


looking out at the lake from where the wall of windows will be

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3 thoughts on “the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

  1. Anonymous

    It already looks amazing, although this is not a surprise with you and Dave leading the way! I am a teensy bit concerned that there is no progress on my room yet–I’m assuming that is all going according to plan and you just haven’t had a chance to post pics yet? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Rude! That is not an anonymous post–it is from your favorite Richardson sister-in-law.

      • Hahaha, I was trying to figure out who wrote that and you were the first one that came to mind! Don’t worry though, I’m already 4 days behind on the blog…they’ll start your room today or tomorrow!

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